Tools of the Trade

A knitting needle is quite an elegant object in itself, before you even wind some yarn around it. I like having a big pile of needles to choose from, in the same way as having a big stash of yarn to drool over. As I come from a family of knitters, I have been lucky enough to inherit sets of knitting tools from my mother, aunt and grandmother. Each set is wrapped up in a home-made fabric holder, with the needles sorted roughly into sizes.

Most of the needles are the old-fashioned Aero steel needles, with some wood and some plastic in the larger sizes. There are two of these lovely little bell gauges:

bell gauge

I spent a happy evening checking the sizes of all the needles in the bell gauge and I found I had lots of duplicates.  A bit of a clear out was required, and Larry was on hand to help.

When we’d finished, we had one roll of everyday, mid-sized needles:

One roll of oversized needles:

And one entire roll of double pins:

Jesus, my ancestors must have knitted a lot of socks!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour around my toolbox.

Till next time,


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