I knitted my cat!

Cats and knitting. My two favourite things. Last week I knitted a cat for the first time. Way overdue. This week I knitted one of my cats – Herbie.

Herbie and his new friend


I was going to add a tail but I ran out of fluffy yarn (darn!) But Herbie didn’t seem to mind. In fact he was quite pleased with his new pal.





I’ve managed to make toy Herbie look totally dim. Maybe I could knit a brain for the next one. Still, real Herb is great big daffy kitten so in a way toy Herb is a good match for him. Herbie has been going around for days with a faint orange blob on his forehead from where he got in the way of me serving up some pilchards. Fortunately it doesn’t show on these pictures.

I changed the shaping slightly on toy Herb to give him a bit of a neck and a necktie. But I’m still not 100% happy with the proportions. I wonder if I should get over it and knit all the legs next time?  Knitters, what do you think?


Till next time,

L x



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