Extreme Knitting – a step closer!

Last week I had a grand day out at the Knitting and Stitching show  in Harrogate.  I finally found the super-chunky wool I had been looking for – and at a good price.

photo (7)

A massive 2.25kg cone of semi-felted undyed wool, perfect for the 24mm needles.  The seller had a demo of a garter-stitch rug on show, made with this yarn, and suggested it was used for ‘more sculptural projects’.  Well, I had an idea of my own…

photo (6)

…a basket, and this is my first attempt.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be: knitting on this large scale exposes every slight unevenness in your work so you end up really wrestling with the huge needles and concentrating hard on your tension.  It became apparent that I would need more needles and I would also need to try different sizes to get my tension right.  So, another work in progress.

I came across a most useful stand at the show selling specialist lighting for crafters, and oh my goodness, I have been needing a decent light for doing close up work in my studio. I chose a retro model with a special bulb to grace my table top, and here it is, with my lion and knitted black cat checking it out.

Lamp and cat

I managed not to break the bank with all the scrumptious yarns on offer, but I did fall in love with this little beauty….a silky soft, powder blue mohair…love love love it.  What shall I make with it?

blue mohair

Finally, after attempt #7 at the knitted basket, Monty was very pleased with the result.

Monty basket3


Till next time,

L xxx