An Award!

I am thrilled that Knitting With Heart has nominated me for the Leibster blog award! I am rather late in posting, because my laptop was only returned to me this week, so I have been busy catching up on all things online.


Now for the fun bit: I must reveal 11 random facts about myself.  These will have to be more random than the 11 questions which follow.  OK here goes:

I have size 9 feet.  That’s UK size 9, which is just outside of normal range and therefore makes shoe shopping difficult.  I have saved a fortune over the years by not being able to try on most shoes in most shops.

Yellow is my favourite colour but I learned the hard way in teenage years, not to wear it.

I adore Depeche Mode.  But late Mode only, post 1990.

My father was born in 1920, fought in the war, and had me when he was 51.

I really love butter. The more upmarket and salty, the better.

I kill houseplants. Quite easily. There are no plants in my house. Plants are better off taking their chances in the garden.

I am from a little town on the south coast of England called Seaford.

I was an alto in a choir for 9 years.

I am absolutely useless at playing the piano although I can read music.

I love dogs although I have never owned one.

I can make a really good lemon meringue pie.

There are the 11 random facts, off the top of my head, from the trivial to the less trivial.

Now for the proper 11 questions:

1  What are you most proud of?  Staying sane.

2  What makes you happy?  Peace of mind.

3  Your most prized possession?  My mother’s engagement ring.

4  What are you afraid of?  Any of my loved ones coming to harm.

5  Why do you blog?  Self-expression.

6  How would you describe your style?  Bang off-trend.

7 What are you most grateful for?  My ability to cope.

8  Best book you have ever read?  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I have read it many times.

9  What food do you hate?  Beetroot. Horrible. It is not even possible to disguise the flavour with anything.

10  Your favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ song?  Rabbit‘ by Chas ‘n’ Dave.

11  Your favourite holiday?  Christmas, because I get the whole week off and can eat and drink myself silly.

And finally, here are 11 blogs I would like to nominate, because they are all delightful in different ways:

A Knitter’s Notebook – knitting, cats, beauty, upcycling – right up my street!

For the Knit of it – a great knitting blog!

Skyscrapers and String – lovely knitting blog and beautiful white cat just like Herbie.

The Procraftinator – a quality knitting blog!

Lulubella dog blog – a really lovely doggie blog with good advice.

Miss Kitty’s Yarn Creations – you must see the knitted skittle alley!

My Own Made – beautiful crafted items, check out the grey tunic, so elegant.

A Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventure – crafting, recipes, inspiration!

Stitch and Purl – a beautiful knitting blog.

Candleowlknits – hilarious knitting blog!

Knitted Notes – knitting and vintage movies, very stylish blog!

Thanks again to Knitting with Heart for your nomination, and thanks to everyone who has liked and followed my blog so far.  I’m very excited about moving forwards in 2013!

Till next time,

L x

10 thoughts on “An Award!

  1. Reblogged this on candleowlknits and commented:
    So honored to have been mentioned in this blog by KnittingRevolution. She creates, among other things, original knitted baked goods. As a lover of baked goods myself (I would eat nothing but baked goods and tea if it was healthy or at least nutritionally neutral for me) I enjoy this a great deal. I am also a great advocate of saving money, as this blogger does via her size 9 shoe size. I may answer the questions she has below, but today I’m a little lazy…


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