FO: First Blanket Finished


Cable knit blanket or throw worked on 25mm wooden circular needles, using a double strand of super-chunky yarn.


The needles are very special because they were hand made by my Uncle David.  Before he retired he used to make spinning and weaving equipment in his spare time, including looms and spinning wheels.  Most notably he is the designer and maker of the Barnett Drum Carder, which became very popular in the UK spinning community.  Second-hand models are still sought-after now.  So when I was looking for large circulars and could not find any, not even on ebay, I knew who to call.

Uncle David rustled me up a pair of 25mm circulars out of scraps of beech wood: glued, turned, smoothed with 3 coats of matt varnish, and finished with brass fittings to hold the plastic piping in place.  They are absolutely beautiful. It feels very much like I am continuing a family handcrafting tradition. Using the tools that my Uncle has made connects me with the past and with ancestors I never knew. At the same time, I am making things which will hopefully last a long way into the future.



23 thoughts on “FO: First Blanket Finished

  1. I volunteer and teach seniors and some of the young mothers in my community how to knit . It would be wonderful to have a pair of these needles. I can teach them how to make quick large blanket. how much would cost us to purchase a pair???


  2. Thank you Louisa. It is so very nice of you to send me this information. I’ll check it out. I enjoyed reading your post and love the post about your uncle. best wishes, Blanche


  3. Louisa, is there any way I could get a copy of the Barnett Drum Carder Manual,The Spinners First Choice, from your Uncle David? I now have a Barnett Drum Carder and would love to have the manual. Even photo copied pages would be great! Or it could be emailed to me as a PDF….
    Thank you!


  4. I love this! Do you have a written pattern? ( I’m a self-taught knitter and haven’t made a cable blanket yet…only hats and would love to make it for my niece and her husband out of Chunky We Are Knitters Wool.


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