Waiting for new needles…

I just heard from my lovely Uncle that he has made me the two sets of oversized double pins I need to make the biggest and best possible wool baskets. According to my many prototypes and pattern re-writes, this is the way forward. My Uncle is retired and doesn’t  do much woodworking any more, but just for me he sourced the wood and turned the needles to my measurements. I am a very, very lucky knitter.

Monty has been asking for a bigger basket for some time.




Now Monty is able to fold himself up quite small, but even so, this basket is a tight fit for him.  Larry on the other hand, just spills out of  it.


Herbie would like his own basket too. He sleeps on top of it, rather than in it…


…when he gets the chance!




Till next time,

L x








7 thoughts on “Waiting for new needles…

  1. Love this, Woozle says Hi to your guys! Can’t wait to see the new bed! How about making one in a figure of 8 so they can curl up next to each other – like a love seat!


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