Baskets Galore

Fair bit of progress this week as I’ve knitted 4 complete baskets.  I’ve also had a total re-think about the construction which has given me the best result so far – with a nice flat bottom!

Extreme Knitting baskets

Extreme Knitting baskets

Monty is a big fan of the woollen cat basket and I knew he would hop in before long.  I wondered which one he would go for. Spread himself out in the big one, or fold himself up into one of the smaller ones?


Ah, he went for the big one.

Then he changed his mind.


I tidied up, and discovered that 3 of the baskets make a nice little ‘basket nest’.

Seems Monty approves of this too.


Herbie likes a woollen baskets to snooze in.  He squeezed himself into the smallest one so far, before I’d even fastened it off.



Now for a radical departure: I’m going rectangular.


Let’s see if I can finish this off before making a start on dinner.

Oh, wait…


It’s not looking likely.

Till next time,

L x

3 thoughts on “Baskets Galore

  1. Hi- I just wanted to say that I LOVE your extreme baskets! I am going to knit one up for my 20 YO cat Reggie., He has gone off his basket with the fox fur collar “companion”. 🙂


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