New designs for Christmas!

I wasn’t intending to start this early but I happened to visit my LYS yesterday and this yarn just jumped out at me.

Tinsel yarn!

Tinsel yarn!

It looks like tinsel and it’s even called ‘Tinsel Chunky’.  There were lots of colours including purple, black and blue, but I chose red, white, gold and silver for now.

And I made a tinselly bauble!

Tinsel bauble!

Tinsel bauble!

I am ridiculously excited about this. I can just imagine a whole treeful of tinsel baubles.

I also made an oversized version of my Christmas Stocking. Instead of a little tree decoration, for holding a chocolate or small gift, I upscaled the pattern. Using 25mm needles and two strands of super chunky yarn, I made a giant stocking for proper presents:

Big stocking and little stocking

Big stocking and little stocking

The giant stocking is 40 x 20 cm (16 x 8 inches), and it has a lot of stretch, which is essential for all those Christmas goodies!

How are your Christmas knitting plans going?

Till next time,

L x


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