A Lady of Leisure

My job has ended. Although I am officially ‘on holiday’ until the end of next week, I am never going back. It is a very strange feeling, having worked full-time for 20 years, to now have no structure or routine other than what I decide to impose on myself.

So I have entered a phase of change and possibilities. Although the ending of my job was stressful and traumatic, and I still have to fight a legal case against my employer, I can now focus my attention on other things.

One positive is that I took some advice on my CV and job applications, and as a result I have just got an interview! I was told that the post attracted 800 applications, and I made it to the shortlist of 20. So I must have got something right, and I take great encouragement from that.

Fingers crossed! And with many other plans in the pipeline, things could start looking up!

Thank goodness I can airbrush in Photoshop

Thank goodness I can airbrush in Photoshop

Till next time,

L x

2 thoughts on “A Lady of Leisure

  1. The best of luck with your interview. Having been made redundant before, I know it’s very very stressful.You have a fantastic attitude! I started knitting to keep myself sane at that time : )


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