No more giant wool in the UK!

This week I got a great order for TWO medium cat baskets from a lady in France (thanks,!)


I realised I was down to my very last cone of giant wool and this order was going to use it all up. I contacted my supplier to place another order, and was shocked to find out the the wool is no longer available.

I contacted the only other supplier in the UK that I know of (who were more expensive), and sure enough they told me the same thing. This yarn is discontinued.


A google search yielded nothing remotely like it. Which didn’t surprise me because it was hard enough to source any kind of giant wool in the first place. One of the suppliers helpfully sent me some samples of their undyed yarn. But their thickest offering, a soft wool roving, was not even in the same ball park as the giant wool.

So with great sadness I will fulfil my last order for extreme knitting cat baskets this weekend.

Unless anyone out there can recommend a supply?

Till next time,

L x

7 thoughts on “No more giant wool in the UK!

  1. what is the needle size? i think i came across some big wool the other day, but not sure what the size exactly was – i could check if you let me know the specs 🙂


  2. Thank you for all the links, that’s great! I have not come across loveknitting before, and the loopy mango yarn is fab. It’s a bit too pricey though, at £142 for just over a kilo…about ten times what I paid before, so not viable 😦 Really appreciate your suggestions though – these are the biggest yarns I’ve seen for a while!


  3. I’m sure you’ve come across Rachel John? I was at her stand at a craft fair recently and she had a variety of things for using with large needles & crochet hooks. Indeed, I bought some 🙂 Might be worth checking her website?


  4. Oh! How annoying for you! I hate it when this kind of thing happens, it’s like when the lead singer of your favourite band gets a new girlfriend then the whole band splits up!

    My online shopping is like this, one week you log on and they’ve stopped selling your usual milk or coffee or whatever! Grrr!


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