Giant Knitting Cat Baskets here soon!

The new yarn is on the needles, and the cat basket is in progress…


Wow this yarn is even better than I expected.  It’s bigger and thicker than the yarn I used for the original baskets.  And it knits up fine using the needles I already have.  So I don’t have to order a load more knitting needles to be custom-made in bigger sizes.

I have amended my pattern slightly to accommodate the thicker yarn.  I was a bit worried that I hadn’t maintained an even thickness and twist on all of it.  After all, the wet felting was a bit of an experiment.  But working the yarn, it doesn’t seem to matter.  There is enough twist and felting to give it a bit of structure.  In fact, I think it performs even better than the old yarn.


It’s easier to get a flatter base.

It’s softer, less like rope.  More like a big, squishy soft strand.

It’s got that characteristic, fleecy scent.

The stitches are massive, with loads more visual impact.

And….the cats love it.


It’s not finished yet, Monty.




4 thoughts on “Giant Knitting Cat Baskets here soon!

  1. OMG I love this! I have made felted beds before for my cats and they’ve come out okay but the top of them flop over, I’m not sure what to do. Maybe you have some ideas? I’ve never knitted anything with large needles like this but it looks like fun! Will you be doing a kit?☺👍

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  2. Hi Erika, thanks for your comment 🙂 I have thought of doing a kit but then I’d have to provide the doublepins as well and these are not easily available so they’d have to be custom made, which would be very expensive. The sides of the cat basket are sometimes trodden down by the cat walking over them, but this yarn is so thick I’m hoping it will stay pretty upright.


  3. I dont know what double pins are. I can see that happening to the sides of the beds but these haven’t been, they are just flimsy. I’ve tried rolling the tops over & tacking/sewing them down but its so hard to do!. I can’t wait to see your finished bed!


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