Barnett Drum Carder

My Uncle is David Barnett, the designer and maker of the Barnett Drum Carder.  The very first one was made in 1978, and over the next 30 years nearly 3000 were made and sold all over the world.  Its reputation among spinners is second to none.   Drum Carder front pageMy Aunt, Pamela Kelley, was a wonderful spinner and weaver.  She was dissatisfied with the carding machines available in the 1970s and asked her brother, a professional engineer, if he could come up with a better design.  My Uncle David rose to the challenge and the Barnett Drum Carder was born.

Drum Carder 2 and 3

My Uncle is now retired and production ceased a few years ago.  But he is happy to offer advice and spare parts, if available.   If you have any enquiries about the Barnett Drum Carder, please send a message to

Below are pages from the original Barnett Drum Carder manual.

Drum Carder history V2

Drum Carder Manual p1 V2

Drum Carder Manual p2 V2

Drum Carder back V2


14 thoughts on “Barnett Drum Carder

  1. Hello, I am the proud owner of two David Barnett drum carders. My first one was not a happy bunny – the wooden frame was warped and the carding cloth seemed to have been used to card wire wool. I kniew the machine had been made locally to where I live, but could not find out much more until I found your blog. You were kind enough to put me in touch with your uncle a year or so ago and he did a wonderful job of refurbishing the poor thing. He could not work out what had happened to the wooden frame to warp it so, and did not feel it was possible to unbend it, so levelled it with feet, and it works fine. He also supplied me with an original hopper tray, doffer and clamp – which I had never had. The drum carder makes super batts, and I have made a packer brush that sits on the back so get good weights off each time. I couldn’t resist one that came along that was unused – yes thats right, not a wisp of fibre anywhere on it, and the tines are as clean as the day it was made. he seller confirmed that it had been new when they got it and it had been in a cupboard ever since. It had all its bits, and a manual with it. I know I don’t really need two, but who can resist? My son hsd done a trial run of a little motor for onw which means it may be working as a motorised (very slow, but that makes the best batts) version in a few weeks…


  2. Hi Vikki, thanks so much for this, so pleased my Uncle was able to help refurbish your carder. How lucky that you have found another in mint condition, I imagine these are a rarity by now. Intrigued that you are looking at getting a motor fitted too! I’d love to know if this works xx


  3. I have been asked to sell a Barnett drum carder on Ebay on behalf of a friend as I am a bit more techy than she is. Can you give me a guide price please? It is in excellent condition, very clean, all the tools. I don’t want to under price it.


  4. Hi Louisa, I’ve emailed you at the address you give on this page to ask if your Uncle can advise me on repairing or replacing the feed roller on my Barnett Drum carder. Hope you get my email!


  5. Hi Louisa

    I have two David Barnett drum carders and both are in need of some maintenance
    As they are almost in constant use I’ve put off this moment , but now I realise it’s time to see if I can get them repaired
    I would be so happy to take them to your uncle if he can help ?
    Many thanks


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