Barnett Drum Carder

My Uncle is David Barnett, the designer and maker of the Barnett Drum Carder.  The very first one was made in 1978, and over the next 30 years nearly 3000 were made and sold all over the world.  Its reputation among spinners is second to none.   Drum Carder front pageMy Aunt, Pamela Kelley, was a wonderful spinner and weaver.  She was dissatisfied with the carding machines available in the 1970s and asked her brother, a professional engineer, if he could come up with a better design.  My Uncle David rose to the challenge and the Barnett Drum Carder was born.

Drum Carder 2 and 3

My Uncle is now retired and production ceased a few years ago.  But he is happy to offer advice and spare parts, if available.   If you have any enquiries about the Barnett Drum Carder, please send a message to

Below are pages from the original Barnett Drum Carder manual.

Drum Carder history V2

Drum Carder Manual p1 V2

Drum Carder Manual p2 V2

Drum Carder back V2

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