Check out this lovely blog

My Giant Cable Knit blanket has been included in Anthea Willis’s blog, Forest Flower Designs.

It’s part of her feature on cable knits. Her blog is absolutely beautiful, so definitely worth a visit, even if it is on ‘the other side’!


Right now I am trying to type with Larry on my lap. He is really too big to fit there comfortably. I ought to contain him with an arm to stop him sliding off. But he manages to hang on, until he drifts off to sleep. Then I have to catch him before he falls.

Til next time,

L x

An Award?

I have been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogger award!

Thank you Janinka1 of Age-Defying Recipes for your nomination.

In accordance with the rules, I will answer these five questions:

1. Cookies or cake? Got to be cookies, milk chocolate chip, big and chewy.

2. Chocolate or vanilla? Tough one. Probably chocolate.

3. Favourite sweet treat? Cookies, as above. Or top quality shortbread, all-butter.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? At around 3pm daily – time for tea and cake/cookie/biscuit etc

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? Cookie!

I am also delighted to nominate a dozen fine blogs for this award:

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Thanks again and happy blogging! x