A Festive Walk with the Westies

This was a particularly festive walk to the local park at the Bole Hills in Sheffield. Not because it was snowing or anything, but because there were people out wearing Santa hats, and I came across a bench decorated with a very smart Christmas wreath.


We paused here because the bench was new and the wreath must have been in memoriam. The view was spectacular and I thought it was a very special way to remember a loved one.

A friend of mine has been taking me to the Sheffield local carols, which take place at this time of year in certain pubs on the outskirts of the city. These are the old folk carols, not the familiar O Come All Ye Faithful church carols. They are very jolly and upbeat, mostly with different words and melodies to the ones we all know. So it has taken me a while to pick them up. But the joy of it is, the sessions are packed with enthusiastic singers, the pub is crammed full, the sound is sometimes deafening and people even sing harmonies with ease. It never was like this in church! So a newcomer like me can just pitch in and sing anything until I get the hang of it. There is even a song for passing your empty glasses back to the bar because it’s impossible for the bar staff to collect the empties amongst the crush of singers.

I had recorded one of the carols on my phone in an effort to learn it, so on my walk I played it back to myself. ‘Goodwill to all mankind, goodwill to all mankind’ etc etc.

Harry and Dixie on the Bole Hills

Harry and Dixie on the Bole Hills

But the dogs were confused and it made them bark, so I turned it off. Still, it was ever so festive while it lasted!

I have started to get some temporary office work which is a real godsend. I will be working over the holidays for the first time in ages, but I don’t mind at all because it’s great to be back in the workplace. I am actually enjoying the temporariness of it: meeting new people and finding out about different workplaces, systems, and of course politics.

I hope all your plans for the holidays are coming together!

Till next time,

L xxx


New designs for Christmas!

I wasn’t intending to start this early but I happened to visit my LYS yesterday and this yarn just jumped out at me.

Tinsel yarn!

Tinsel yarn!

It looks like tinsel and it’s even called ‘Tinsel Chunky’.  There were lots of colours including purple, black and blue, but I chose red, white, gold and silver for now.

And I made a tinselly bauble!

Tinsel bauble!

Tinsel bauble!

I am ridiculously excited about this. I can just imagine a whole treeful of tinsel baubles.

I also made an oversized version of my Christmas Stocking. Instead of a little tree decoration, for holding a chocolate or small gift, I upscaled the pattern. Using 25mm needles and two strands of super chunky yarn, I made a giant stocking for proper presents:

Big stocking and little stocking

Big stocking and little stocking

The giant stocking is 40 x 20 cm (16 x 8 inches), and it has a lot of stretch, which is essential for all those Christmas goodies!

How are your Christmas knitting plans going?

Till next time,

L x


Christmas Stockings

OK, I know it’s early, but I have just revised my Christmas Stocking tree decoration pattern, knitting it up in some funky new yarns with fluffy bits.

Variations on a Christmas Stocking

Variations on a Christmas Stocking

It’s just the right size to hold a chocolate or two and hang on your tree. Or how about hanging them in a row across the mantelpiece?

It was quite hard to take a picture of the black one. It’s actually black with twinkles on it, a row of clear beads and a very fluffy white top edge.

Stocking black


The pattern is a joy to work: knitted straight with some very simple heel shaping and one seam to finish.

Curiously enough I seem to sell my Christmas Decorations patterns all year round. I think knitters must be pretty well organised!

Are you working on any seasonal knitting yet?

Till next time,

L x


Bauble Bonanza

This week, just for fun, I have been re-working my bauble pattern in fluffy yarns. Some of the colours aren’t even festive, but hey, why not have a pink fluffy bauble?



or pink and yellow?


How about twinkly black?



Or a white slubby fluffy yarn, like a snowball!



And this black one with white tips turned out massive like a great big hairy pompom.




Then I went traditional with a beaded red one –



And a red bauble with a simple cable stripe.



So much diversity from one basic pattern!

Happy knitting until next time,

L x


Cat Fight!

It was Christmas.  There was a lot of tinsel about. Monty was on the kitchen table.


Herbie appeared to see what was going on.  Monty was affronted.  The kitchen table is prime territory in our house.  So this happened:


A few seconds later, Monty had made his point.


Job done, he retired to the top of the bookcase.


Till next time, cat lovers!

L x