Soft cotton cloths are here!

A package of beautiful organic cotton yarn arrived this week:


It really is very soft and lovely to handle.

Time to get to work on my 100% reversible face cloths. Knocked out two so far:



I love how this yarn catches the light and really shows off the textures created by the stitches.

There are a few more patterns to try, all reversible. I am loving having two right sides and no wrong side. There’s something very agreeable about it.

Meanwhile…sad news about my spinning wheel. I took it apart and sent it off to my uncle for his expert verdict. I had hoped it wasn’t beyond repair and that he would be able to work his magic on it. But sadly it was not to be. ‘I don’t understand how it has ever worked’, he said. ‘It’s a mystery how it came to be built like this.  It’s totally unusable I’m afraid.  Even if I rebuilt it, you would only be able to spin very fine yarns on it, as the orifice is so small’.  This is not ideal for a total beginner like myself, and anyway, I would like the option of spinning different yarn weights, including chunky. Well, at least while I had it, my spinning wheel looked pretty and romantic…but I would prefer one that was functional too.  So the spinning project is shelved…for now.

However, my lovely uncle has made some enormous circular needles for me, and they are winging their way to me in the post. Extreme knitting, here I come!

Till next time,

L x