New designs for Christmas!

I wasn’t intending to start this early but I happened to visit my LYS yesterday and this yarn just jumped out at me.

Tinsel yarn!

Tinsel yarn!

It looks like tinsel and it’s even called ‘Tinsel Chunky’. ┬áThere were lots of colours including purple, black and blue, but I chose red, white, gold and silver for now.

And I made a tinselly bauble!

Tinsel bauble!

Tinsel bauble!

I am ridiculously excited about this. I can just imagine a whole treeful of tinsel baubles.

I also made an oversized version of my Christmas Stocking. Instead of a little tree decoration, for holding a chocolate or small gift, I upscaled the pattern. Using 25mm needles and two strands of super chunky yarn, I made a giant stocking for proper presents:

Big stocking and little stocking

Big stocking and little stocking

The giant stocking is 40 x 20 cm (16 x 8 inches), and it has a lot of stretch, which is essential for all those Christmas goodies!

How are your Christmas knitting plans going?

Till next time,

L x


Bauble Bonanza

This week, just for fun, I have been re-working my bauble pattern in fluffy yarns. Some of the colours aren’t even festive, but hey, why not have a pink fluffy bauble?



or pink and yellow?


How about twinkly black?



Or a white slubby fluffy yarn, like a snowball!



And this black one with white tips turned out massive like a great big hairy pompom.




Then I went traditional with a beaded red one –



And a red bauble with a simple cable stripe.



So much diversity from one basic pattern!

Happy knitting until next time,

L x