Laptop disaster!

It was just one of those unfortunate things.  Laptop was open on the kitchen table, I was in the middle of working (erm, OK, surfing the tinternet).  Other items on the table at that time were: half a cup of cold tea abandoned by an earlier visitor, and a pile of greetings cards which had been removed from the bookcase that afternoon in a bit of a tidying session, and some other paperwork. Can you guess what happened next?

OH called me into the other room to ask me something about the thing he’s working on. My back was turned for less than 2 minutes. There was a loud noise. Back in the kitchen, the cards and the other stuff on the end of the table, were on the floor. The cup was not tipped over, but some tea was splashed across my keyboard, and Monty was leaving the scene. Disaster!

For some reason, Monty had leapt onto the kitchen table at speed, and must have landed on the slippery, glossy pile of birthday cards, skidded into the cup and sloshed cold tea across my laptop.

Still, cat owners will know that this episode is not Monty’s fault. It is our fault for a) not clearing away the old cup of tea immediately, and b) causing a slipping hazard by ‘tidying’ cards into a pile, and c) not closing the laptop the minute I left it.

Anyway, it really wasn’t a lot of tea, I mean, the cup was still standing.  I mopped it up and the laptop was still working.  So I thought, well, no harm done. This laptop is pretty sturdy.  After all, it has been knocked on the floor a few times by boisterous kittens and lives to tell the tale.  But after a few minutes, the internal fans started whirring like mad, and then it all went black.

Then I knew I was in trouble.

If you look very carefully around Monty’s mouth, you will see some butter appearing not to melt.

I knitted my cat!

Cats and knitting. My two favourite things. Last week I knitted a cat for the first time. Way overdue. This week I knitted one of my cats – Herbie.

Herbie and his new friend


I was going to add a tail but I ran out of fluffy yarn (darn!) But Herbie didn’t seem to mind. In fact he was quite pleased with his new pal.





I’ve managed to make toy Herbie look totally dim. Maybe I could knit a brain for the next one. Still, real Herb is great big daffy kitten so in a way toy Herb is a good match for him. Herbie has been going around for days with a faint orange blob on his forehead from where he got in the way of me serving up some pilchards. Fortunately it doesn’t show on these pictures.

I changed the shaping slightly on toy Herb to give him a bit of a neck and a necktie. But I’m still not 100% happy with the proportions. I wonder if I should get over it and knit all the legs next time?  Knitters, what do you think?


Till next time,

L x



Marvellous Monty

Monty is one of those once-in-a-lifetime stand-out cats. He is very intense. If it isn’t his idea, then it isn’t happening. But when he makes a decison, he carries it out with the utmost commitment, determination, and ability. Whether it’s a run, a jump, or a cuddle, he does it better, longer, higher than anyone else.  Usually with a huge grin on his face.

The first thing that struck me about Monty was his lovely shades-of-grey colouring. When he stopped running around the room for a second, it was clear he was the most handsome kitten of the litter. He really seemed to fit with my idea of a Maine Coon. No wonder I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and jumped at the chance to give him a home.

Monty on guitar amp

The day he arrived, he shot out of his carrier and started tumbling around the kitchen with his brother Larry, who had arrived the week before. He looked like a little wild bobcat. His oversized kitten ears were lavishly furnished with great tufts of grey fur and he had the keenest expression I had ever seen. He wasn’t intimidated by his new surroundings but equally he didn’t care to be approached. Even at 14 weeks old, he was very much his own cat.

I knew a kitten flop would happen sooner or later.  When Monty finally ran out of steam, I plonked him on my lap and we started to get acquainted. He was too tired to argue with me. This was the first time I’d ever seen him up close, and I was bowled over by his sheer feline beauty. He had filmstar good looks. He was stunning. He was bloody gorgeous! And I told him so.

Monty windowsill

Then a surprising thing happened. He stood up, put his big soft kitten paws around my neck, and started licking my face. None of my other cats had ever done this and I wasn’t sure how to take it. Little claws paddled up and down on my shoulders and then, slurping and sucking noises.  Heck, I thought, he thinks I’m him mother. He’s only little. Perhaps I should take it as a compliment.   Not particularly wanting to be nibbled and covered in cat slime, I rearranged him on my lap and he went off to sleep with the quietest purr.

Monty has his own quirky way of doing things and this was an early example. Thankfully the suckling phase has passed, but he still sometimes pounces on me at night. I appreciate the show of affection, but I really don’t want to be licked to death. So we wrestle. He is very strong. He laughs at me. Eventually he settles down like a normal cat.