Cat Tree is a Hit

I just got this new cat tree for Herbert.


It’s less of a cat tree, and more of a cat barrel.  I wanted it to have a small footprint and not be a hideous monstrosity, so it fitted the bill.

There is a comfy bed on top and three dens inside. The bottom two dens connect, and the top den is self-contained. There is even a fluffy mouse on a piece of elastic suspended inside, for hours of fun.


Monty and Larry, checking it out

Monty and Larry, checking it out

Trouble is, this cat tower is standard cat-sized. Not Maine Coon-sized. They fit on top OK, because they fold up really small. But they can’t get their great backsides and tails inside.


Hey, I don't fit!

Hey, I don’t fit!

Still, it’s useful for storing toys and pulling bits of string through.  And it’s covered in sisal so they can give it a good scratch, instead of the bookcase.

The reason I got it for Herbert is that he hasn’t really got a perch to call his own in the kitchen. Larry has the laundry basket, where he has his special cushion. Monty has the top of the bookshelf, where he likes to look down on us. And now Herb has his own cat tower. I really hope it will help to build up his confidence and stop him over-grooming.



Till next time,

L x



Extreme Knitting Delivery

Larry supervises the unpacking

Larry supervises the unpacking

After a month of procrastination, I finally spurred myself into action this week and ordered some giant wool.

The cats said ‘Wow, this is the biggest box ever!’






When the box was emptied, I stood it on its end so that it became a luxury cat den with double doors.


Little Herbie spent most of the day asleep inside.

It is not a very sturdy box, so when they sit on top of it, it wobbles. Already the top level is sinking lower and lower.  Health and Safety should be informed!

Now to get on with some knitting…

Till next time,

L x





Marvellous Monty

Monty is one of those once-in-a-lifetime stand-out cats. He is very intense. If it isn’t his idea, then it isn’t happening. But when he makes a decison, he carries it out with the utmost commitment, determination, and ability. Whether it’s a run, a jump, or a cuddle, he does it better, longer, higher than anyone else.  Usually with a huge grin on his face.

The first thing that struck me about Monty was his lovely shades-of-grey colouring. When he stopped running around the room for a second, it was clear he was the most handsome kitten of the litter. He really seemed to fit with my idea of a Maine Coon. No wonder I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and jumped at the chance to give him a home.

Monty on guitar amp

The day he arrived, he shot out of his carrier and started tumbling around the kitchen with his brother Larry, who had arrived the week before. He looked like a little wild bobcat. His oversized kitten ears were lavishly furnished with great tufts of grey fur and he had the keenest expression I had ever seen. He wasn’t intimidated by his new surroundings but equally he didn’t care to be approached. Even at 14 weeks old, he was very much his own cat.

I knew a kitten flop would happen sooner or later.  When Monty finally ran out of steam, I plonked him on my lap and we started to get acquainted. He was too tired to argue with me. This was the first time I’d ever seen him up close, and I was bowled over by his sheer feline beauty. He had filmstar good looks. He was stunning. He was bloody gorgeous! And I told him so.

Monty windowsill

Then a surprising thing happened. He stood up, put his big soft kitten paws around my neck, and started licking my face. None of my other cats had ever done this and I wasn’t sure how to take it. Little claws paddled up and down on my shoulders and then, slurping and sucking noises.  Heck, I thought, he thinks I’m him mother. He’s only little. Perhaps I should take it as a compliment.   Not particularly wanting to be nibbled and covered in cat slime, I rearranged him on my lap and he went off to sleep with the quietest purr.

Monty has his own quirky way of doing things and this was an early example. Thankfully the suckling phase has passed, but he still sometimes pounces on me at night. I appreciate the show of affection, but I really don’t want to be licked to death. So we wrestle. He is very strong. He laughs at me. Eventually he settles down like a normal cat.