Extreme Knitting Delivery

Larry supervises the unpacking

Larry supervises the unpacking

After a month of procrastination, I finally spurred myself into action this week and ordered some giant wool.

The cats said ‘Wow, this is the biggest box ever!’






When the box was emptied, I stood it on its end so that it became a luxury cat den with double doors.


Little Herbie spent most of the day asleep inside.

It is not a very sturdy box, so when they sit on top of it, it wobbles. Already the top level is sinking lower and lower.  Health and Safety should be informed!

Now to get on with some knitting…

Till next time,

L x





Something Completely Different

It doesn’t feel much like Easter here in Sheffield, what with all the snow and ice and not a single crocus or daffodil in sight. But making some clothes for a toy bunny is quite appropriately festive for the time of year.

After spending weeks working on the extreme knitting cat basket, it was time for a change. So I put the giant needles away and  started to think about Mrs Bunny’s new wardrobe.

Mrs Bunny belongs to the daughter of a very dear friend. She has been so loved that she has lost all of her fur and looks quite undressed. A new set of clothes is in order.

This is such a fun project for me. I don’t have to try to be stylish or subtle.  Pink, fluffy, and cute is my design brief. Of course, Mrs Bunny isn’t here for me to constantly check the fit, so I am working from detailed measurements and hoping for the best.

First I thought I would make a dress. I had a look through my stash and settled on a dusky pink DK, with a slubby, fluffy white contrast. My design included some pearly beads and a couple of heart motifs.

As always, minimal sewing is my aim so I started at the hem on double pins and worked upwards in the round. I divided for the armholes and left one shoulder open for getting the dress over Bunny’s head.

That was the plan, anyway. But the first attempt threw up some issues. The lacy heart motifs were supposed to be topped with a small bobble, so that they looked like rosebuds. But my bobbles were so messy that they had to go. Omitted, the rosebud became a heart.

I found I was working in the round with the wrong side facing, so every row was a P row. This meant I had to convert the pattern for the lacy rosebud/heart from knit-based to purl-based.  I managed to do this OK, but why make it this hard? Why not just work with the right side facing?

The other problem with working purl rounds with the wrong side facing, was that my decreases were untidy. I was placing some decreases as I progressed up the skirt to the waist, to create a flared shape.  I found that P2 together was not as neat and subtle a decrease as K2 together. I also had not placed the decreases evenly between the heart motifs.

Then I checked the measurements and realised that Mrs Bunny’s dress was far too big. Time to unpick the whole thing, address all of these issues and start again.

For some reason I found it really hard to cast on 88 stitches, join in the round and have the right side facing. So I knit one row first, then joined in the round. That did the trick and I was away. The lacy heart motifs read easily off the page for K rows.  I found the optimal spot for my decreases and worked them beautifully with K2tog.

Mrs Bunny's new dress

Mrs Bunny’s new dress

I found a pearly button to finish off the shoulder fastening. Ain’t it pretty?

Now I’m making a tweedy jacket to go with the dress. Fingers crossed that they fit!

Till next time,

L x

I knitted my cat!

Cats and knitting. My two favourite things. Last week I knitted a cat for the first time. Way overdue. This week I knitted one of my cats – Herbie.

Herbie and his new friend


I was going to add a tail but I ran out of fluffy yarn (darn!) But Herbie didn’t seem to mind. In fact he was quite pleased with his new pal.





I’ve managed to make toy Herbie look totally dim. Maybe I could knit a brain for the next one. Still, real Herb is great big daffy kitten so in a way toy Herb is a good match for him. Herbie has been going around for days with a faint orange blob on his forehead from where he got in the way of me serving up some pilchards. Fortunately it doesn’t show on these pictures.

I changed the shaping slightly on toy Herb to give him a bit of a neck and a necktie. But I’m still not 100% happy with the proportions. I wonder if I should get over it and knit all the legs next time?  Knitters, what do you think?


Till next time,

L x