Officially unemployed

After 20 years of full time employment, my contract has been terminated.  I am officially ‘on the dole’. I have been to the Great Hall of the People (the Job Centre) for the first time in my life, and I am humbly accepting as many hand-outs as I can apply for.

They make you register on their jobs website, so that a civil servant can go online and track your job searching activity. If they see that you have not been using the site, they may decide to withdraw your Job Seekers Allowance. Now I think this is only fair. You should be at least trying to get a job, after all. The trouble is, I find I am either overqualified or under qualified for just about every job advertised. Or I don’t have the right background. I used to run the office of a fine art giftware company. So I could run the office of an estate agent or a training company, right? It’s called having transferable skills, right? Wrong! They want people who have actual experience of property management or training courses.

What I would really like to do is to make full use of my existing skills – for myself, if nobody else wants them. I am working on setting up my own company. OH is building me a website. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll let you know. It is nothing to do with knitting! But the knitting will continue alongside, as it did before.

I walked home through the park yesterday. The leaves made this beautiful pattern on the grass. The ducks and geese were mooching about under the trees and the sun was low. Autumn is so pretty!

Weston Park, Sheffield

Weston Park, Sheffield

Till next time,

L x

Big Changes Ahead

Stressful times at KR. This morning I simply had to get out of the house so I grabbed my bag and keys, and set off walking. I considered walking and walking and walking all day, but after a brisk half-hour I felt calmer. It is unseasonably warm and sunny here, and I turned homewards, thinking of a cup of tea in the garden and some reassurance with the OH.

I have just four more days left in my job of 16 years. My redundancy is going to be paid in tiny monthly instalments, instead of the lump sum I am entitled to, and was counting on, since I have no other job to go to yet.  I have to take my employer to court in order to get the lump sum.  This could take months and will incur costs. Financially, this is a huge worry. In the meantime I have to turn up and do my job, through gritted teeth and with a false smile on my face. I am very sad about this because I have enjoyed this job very much, and I never thought it would end like this.

Still, fingers crossed that I will get another job soon, even if it’s only temporary.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a dear friend in the city centre. The sun was shining. We took our picture reflected in these great spherical water features in the Peace Gardens.

Water feature in Sheffield Peace Gardens

Water feature in Sheffield Peace Gardens

Onwards and upwards!

L xx