Biggest Ever Blanket

I’ve just completed an order for my biggest ever extreme knitting Cable Knit blanket.

Queen size blanket in progress

Queen size blanket in progress

This is for a queen sized bed, so it measures 200 x 150 cm.

I’ve never made one this big so had to work out the pattern repeat to achieve that size.  I used my 24mm circular needles, which were handmade by my Uncle David.  I don’t have a 24mm cable needle, but for stitches this big, I don’t really need one.  I can just use my thumb or forefinger.


This kind of knitting is not exactly portable. I knitted it into a big box and the finished blanket weighs 4kgs!

I’ve knitted quite a few of these blankets now in various colours.  Mustard yellow, grey, and pink. But the most popular colour is this cream.

That’s it for Christmas orders now. Time to relax and enjoy the season!

Till next time,

L x